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Medizinisches Datenintegrationszentrum (MeDIC)


The Medical Data Integration Center at University Hospital Heidelberg (UKL-HD-MeDIC) will be set up at the Department for Medical Information Systems (MIS) in close cooperation with the Center for Information Technology and Medical Engineering (ZIM). The MeDIC aims at providing the data and services necessary to enable the successful implementation of the HiGHmed use cases. For this purpose, terminology management, data modelling, data stewardship, data quality management and assuring data privacy will be core competences that the MeDIC will address, following the guidelines set by the working groups of the National Steering Committee (NSG). Process and change management as well as organization are part of the MeDIC’s tasks as well.

The information systems at University Hospital Heidelberg are mainly transactional systems which are interconnected via a communication server and are primarily meant to enable routine patient care. Those information systems are not primarily designed to be used for research or to be queried for the data they store. Extraction of data is possible based on reports created for specific purposes. Thus, the integration and making available of those systems’ data using a MeDIC is a key part of reaching the aim of delivering cross-enterprise care, research and training as well as to enable the implementation of the HiGHmed use cases.

At the end of the development and networking phase, UKL-HD aims at giving researchers and caregivers in the consortium the possibility to access large and diverse amounts of data currently stored in distributed databases, warehouses and information systems, leading to a better, more integrated care and research process by helping to integrate a multitude of specialist disciplines. Also, data are available for training purposes.